Organizations bring David in because his empowering and captivating message gets them result



David helps organizations and companies understand the vital role culture plays in attracting and retaining talent, as well as driving business performance. David invites you to explore your company’s culture and how it’s the force that shapes how employees think, feel, and act which is the foundation for all business operations, development, and decision making. Yet culture doesn’t emerge itself, it’s influenced by the leadership style of those who set the time and direction for the organization. If you want to create a positive and inclusive work environment that fosters innovation, collaboration and engagement, 


whether your corporate Executives or Employees are struggling with embracing the constant changes in the workforce, or an at-risk youth, college student, or adult struggling to embrace change in your personal life, this is for you. David has found that the one key ingredient to successfully changing and maintaining that change is “Self-Discipline”. After studying the habits and mindsets of leaders and outliers in various fields, David found that those who Dominate these areas have one commonality, extreme self-discipline. This presentation explores what that looks like and how to achieve it.


David is a speaker and consultant who specializes in helping people and organizations overcome adversity and obstacles. He has a personal story of resilience and success, having faced and overcome many challenges in his life. He also has years of experience in working with diverse clients and helping them achieve their goals, even in uncertain times. David’s keynote address is inspiring and engaging, as he uses examples from his own journey and from others he has helped to illustrate the power of overcoming adversity and obstacles. He offers practical strategies and insights that can help anyone overcome their challenges and reach their full potential. Whether you are an individual looking for personal growth, youth organization, University, or organization looking for improved performance, David can help achieve your desired outcomes.


Are you looking for a speaker who can inspire and empower your youth to overcome the challenges they face in today’s world? Do you want to provide them with the tools and skills they need to succeed in life? David has a powerful message that draws from his own experiences and personal struggles with inner-city life, gang violence, peer pressure, and Depression,, as well as the up-close effects he’s seen drug addiction have on individuals and while communities. He knows what it’s like to feel hopeless, lost, and alone. But he also knows how to overcome those obstacles and create a life of success and happiness. He believes that our youth are our greatest natural resource and that they deserve our support and guidance. David’s speech will motivate your youth to believe in themselves, to take charge of their lives, and to make positive changes for their future. 

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