David Provides Presentations for Organizations, Universities and Corporations

David Baxter is a well known Community Leader & Empowering Speaker.

David Baxter is a well-known Community Leader, Empowering Speaker, Criminal Justice Expert, Published Essayist, and Restorative Justice Practitioner with well over a decade of experience in his fields of expertise. He is widely recognized for his leadership skills and ability to empower others to be the best version of themselves in their personal and professional lives.

As the Founder of Motivational Dreamers Inc, a public speaking company that specializes in empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential, David has impacted countless lives. His passion for helping others achieve their goals is evident in the way he connects with his audiences, delivering powerful messages that inspire positive change.

David’s personal experience and expertise in Criminal Justice is unparalleled. As a practitioner of Restorative Justice, he has helped transform the way systems of power and communities approach issues of crime and punishment. His unique approach emphasizes healing, reconciliation, and restoration rather than retribution and has been embraced by communities throughout the country.

David is a published essayist with a keen eye for social justice issues. His writing has been featured in top university publications. His topics range from race relations to policing and have helped shape areas of public discourse.

Throughout his career, David has remained committed to empowering others, He has worked with organizations and individuals from all walks of life, including at-risk youth, formerly and currently incarcerated individuals, and corporate executives. His ability to connect with people from all backgrounds and inspire them to take action has made him a highly sought-after speaker and consultant.David’s commitment to making the world a better place is unwavering. His leadership, expertise, and passion for systemic and personal change has made him a true force for good in the world.


David, a Brooklyn, New York native, was shaped by the values of hard work and education instilled by his loving mother, Janie. He currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, and holds diplomas from Emerson College, Stratford Institute, and the University of Michigan. When he’s not traveling as a speaker, he passionately works with an organization dedicated to disrupting gang violence and incarceration among the most at-risk youth in the state. As a proud father to Tyonna, a recent University of Indianapolis journalism graduate, David’s commitment to family and community is unwavering.


David is not only committed to personal and professional growth but also to making a meaningful and lasting impact on the Communities he and his team serve. In 2024 David will be launching his new College Scholarship initiative through which he is the founder of, His TEARS Organization.

TEARS (Teaching Every Adolescent Real Success) embodies David’s deep-seated belief in the power of education to transform lives. This initiative aims to target marginalized communities and youth throughout the nation and provide access to higher education through scholarships. These scholarships will serve as the catalyst for their personal and professional growth.


Motivation for all Age Groups

David’s transformational journey has inspired him to dedicate his life to mentoring and guiding young people. His engaging speeches, rooted in real-life experiences, captivate audiences of all ages. Through his powerful storytelling and relatable anecdotes, David connects with his listeners on a deeply personal level, instilling in them the belief that they too can overcome any obstacle on their path to success.


David’s impact extends beyond the realm of motivational speaking. He’s a dedicated practitioner of restorative justice, revolutionizing how systems of power and communities address issues of crime and punishment. His approach is refreshing and unique, emphasizing healing, reconciliation, and restoration instead of the punitive cycle of retribution. It’s a philosophy that has been warmly embraced by communities nationwide.
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